The Newly Commissioned Works Recital will be available to watch here on the day of the fair.

The Newly Commissioned Works Recital was created to promote exposure and performance of works that have been commissioned or written in the last 3 years. This recital was instituted by Elise Carter in the first year of the NJFS flute fair and has become a permanent event of the NJFS flute fair. Many chamber groups commission composers to write works for them. Often there aren’t enough opportunities to perform these works, and they end up being performed only once or twice, not getting a lot of exposure. The New Jersey Flute Society wanted to create more opportunities for these new works to be performed and heard by creating a recital specifically dedicated to these pieces. Included in these recitals have also been pieces that were newly discovered, having been written long ago, but never performed in public. This year marks the 5th year of the Newly Commissioned works recital. Some highlights from past recitals have included performers/composers Amanda Harberg, Valerie Coleman, Daniel Dorff, Alexa Still and Flute Force.

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